Product Review-The GRID

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Product Reviews
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If I had to pick my absolute favorite piece of equipment in my studio there is no doubt that it would be The GRID. We use these foam rollers at the beginning of each session, during the session and to finish out each session. It’s no exaggeration for me to say how much I love this product! A couple years ago as my running interest increased I started experiencing some overuse injuries that really concerned me. After consulting with my Chiropractor the plan was to implement more stretching, more massages and daily hot baths to keep my lower back and glute muscles from getting overly tight. All of this worked to a point that I was able to continue running, but the daily pain was a reminder that I was still missing something.


It wasn’t until I heard of that I found what I needed to help keep me injury free. I started using The GRID over two years ago and have not gone a day without using it since. Just a couple minutes a day can mean a huge difference in chronic back pain and can reduce risk of injury before working out or running. Using The GRID has become my daily self massage and it travels everywhere with me.


I truly think that using The GRID can help anyone that suffers from lower back pain and is a must have for all of us gym goers and athletes!


  1. bethni hemphill says:

    I agree. I use mine every day and pack it in my suitcase for every trip.

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