Product Review-Honey Stinger

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Product Reviews
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This past week I was fortunate enough to receive an awesome assortment of Honey Stinger products. My running schedule had been thrown off kilter lately due to bad weather and a case of the flu. So, when my package arrived I was excited to get better and try these products out. Over the past several days I had a chance to log an 8 mile tempo run, 7 mile easy run and an 8 mile interval run. I have always been a runner who needs a constant supply of fuel while I am out even for shorter distances. Never been a big fan of gels, so the Organic Stinger Waffles were a great option for me! They come in 4 flavors (lemon, vanilla, chocolate, honey) and I love the honey version. Who doesn’t love honey? It gave me a great energy boost around mile 5 of my tempo run and was easy to eat on the run. It will definitely be part of my nutritional plan for my upcoming Sea Side 1/2 Marathon. The other product that I was excited to try was the Caffeinated Lime -Ade Chews. I am a huge believer in the benefits of caffeine supplementation during endurance events and this product did not disappoint. Because of its added kick with the caffeine I think it is gonna replace my long standing go to energy bloks, especially for longer distances and races. I think all my endurance friends could benefit from giving these products a try. Looking forward to my upcoming ultra marathon season and plenty of Honey Stinger Waffles!



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