National Gardening Month!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Nutrition
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It’s a beautiful day here in Nashville! I have the doors open and the boys are playing in the yard while I am taking a few minutes to update everyone on some really cool things I have been working on. April marks National gardening Month and I can’t wait to get the plants I started in february into the ground this weekend. Our goal at Fusion has always been to help people get healthier and we have done a great job with the training aspect. However, all the running and training will not help you be healthy without good nutrition. So, we are taking that on in 2013 and think we are onto something that will help us all feel better about what we are putting into our bodies. The first thing we have been working on is creating our own line of fresh pressed Juices. We have been taste testing for weeks and have narrowed down our favorites. Can’t wait to have these in our studio on a daily basis for all our clients to enjoy!


The second project we have been working on since february is a locally grown weekly CSA service for our clients. A typical CSA is fantastic in that they provide locally grown vegetables and are available to the community each week of the growing season. Because they require the entire amount of the baskets up front (typically 24 wks) and you pay even if you are on your family vacation, there are a couple downsides. So, we are eliminating both of those issues by allowing our clients more flexibility and pay on a weekly basis and only the weeks that they want fresh vegetables. We expect our crops to be available starting mid-May and should run thru October. We will offer two size baskets each week (1/2 Bushel and a Peck). the 1/2 Bushel will be great for families and a Peck is perfect for couples. This has already been a big undertaking and lots of work is sure to come, but it will be rewarding for us all! With a limited supply each week available, those of you interested should contact us ASAP to reserve your spot.


I am really pumped about these new ventures that we are starting at Fusion and can’t wait to share them with you all!


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