Feeling like 2013 was just not your year?

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Random thoughts from a wandering mind
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I have spent a lot of time lately reflecting on this past year. Lots of personal and business victories and maybe a few losses. One thing I need to do better on is defining clear goals. At some point just saying that I want to increase business is not enough. Saying I want to get in better shape is not enough. How will I truly know if I accomplished much if I don’t have a way to grade myself?

Often I hear clients say that they want to get in better shape. Its #1 on the things they want to accomplish. The issue with this is that “getting in shape” is so hard to define. It has no end and its hard to stay motivated without an end in sight. We should all create a goal that has the ability to be accomplished and rewarded.

Feeling like 2013 was just not your year? Thats ok! Use the next couple of weeks to think about what you would want to do if you were not afraid to fail. Write it down. Pray about it. But don’t try and let it pass you by because you are not sure how you will accomplish it.

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