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Fresh, raw juices are now available at Fusion through our very own Fresh|Juicery!



Come by our new studio location at
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National Gardening Month!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Nutrition
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It’s a beautiful day here in Nashville! I have the doors open and the boys are playing in the yard while I am taking a few minutes to update everyone on some really cool things I have been working on. April marks National gardening Month and I can’t wait to get the plants I started in february into the ground this weekend. Our goal at Fusion has always been to help people get healthier and we have done a great job with the training aspect. However, all the running and training will not help you be healthy without good nutrition. So, we are taking that on in 2013 and think we are onto something that will help us all feel better about what we are putting into our bodies. The first thing we have been working on is creating our own line of fresh pressed Juices. We have been taste testing for weeks and have narrowed down our favorites. Can’t wait to have these in our studio on a daily basis for all our clients to enjoy!


The second project we have been working on since february is a locally grown weekly CSA service for our clients. A typical CSA is fantastic in that they provide locally grown vegetables and are available to the community each week of the growing season. Because they require the entire amount of the baskets up front (typically 24 wks) and you pay even if you are on your family vacation, there are a couple downsides. So, we are eliminating both of those issues by allowing our clients more flexibility and pay on a weekly basis and only the weeks that they want fresh vegetables. We expect our crops to be available starting mid-May and should run thru October. We will offer two size baskets each week (1/2 Bushel and a Peck). the 1/2 Bushel will be great for families and a Peck is perfect for couples. This has already been a big undertaking and lots of work is sure to come, but it will be rewarding for us all! With a limited supply each week available, those of you interested should contact us ASAP to reserve your spot.


I am really pumped about these new ventures that we are starting at Fusion and can’t wait to share them with you all!

This past week I had the chance to meet up with Tiffany Finney of Pour Me Some Juice. We talked about a number of topics including adoption, training, raw foods and of course JUICE! In less than a year she has put all of these together in her pursuit of international adoption and increasing awareness on the importance of quality nutrition. What started as a fundraiser to aid in adoption expenses, has turned into a booming business and Tiffany’s expertise as a Raw Food Chef is evident in her beautiful bottles of juice.

I am pretty sure most of my readers have heard of juicing, but most of us really don’t know what it entails… What’s so great about juicing? First of all, most of us struggle with getting in enough fruits and veggies. We eat plenty of food, but often are not getting foods that have a positive impact on our bodies. Juicing helps our bodies absorb  all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. Raw pressed juice can give your body such a large amount of nutrients in a single bottle that otherwise would be very difficult to get in whole foods alone based on sheer volume of food. Each bottle can contain several pounds of fruits and vegetables!

Nutrition is one thing, but how do they taste? I was given 4 eight ounce bottles of Juice and an Almond Milk and instructed to drink them within two days. The Citrus Zing (orange, pineapple,apple, carrot, lemon, lime) and Summer Licious (pineapple, orange, lemon) looked and sounded great right from the beginning. I LOVED both the Citrus Zing and Summer Licious!  Now, the Joy of Health (orange, carrot, cucumber, beet, apple, lemon, lime, celery, ginger) and Green Monster (kale, collard, apple, cucumber, lemon) and Almond Milk all looked awesome, but made me nervous because I have never liked these types of juices. Strictly for professional purposes I knew I had to at least taste them… And I am so glad I did! They were not only tolerable, they tasted fantastic! Hands down the best pressed juice that I have ever had.856216_4485567622028_224762875_o

Pour Me Some Juice has 11 variations of Juice and a 6 day Raw Food Detox Cleanse. With each bottle sold a portion of the proceeds go towards the help of orphans. Matthew 18:5



With many people having restarted their New Year’s gym stints, I am hearing a lot of moans and groans about aching muscles. Extreme soreness is something to be expected when new clients start a vigorous exercise program. Aside from good nutritional advice, I have found myself recommending a fantastic natural product called Willow Balm. I was introduced to this product while training for an ultra marathon a couple of years ago and it quickly replaced all other topical pain relievers. Using it has become a daily regiment before my weight lifting sessions and runs. I use it to help me loosen up tight muscles, but it is also fantastic for those who suffer from fibromyalgia, joint pain or muscle strains. I am always looking for products that can truly help my clients both in the gym and in their daily lives. If sore muscles or chronic pain has been slowing you down, then I would strongly recommend giving this product a try.

Why use Willow Balm?

White Willow Bark is known as Nature’s Aspirin. It was used for thousands of years as a treatment for pain relief and inflammation before it was isolated as the source of modern-day aspirin. Willow Balm Topical Painkiller offers a perfect mixture of White Willow Bark extract together with 100% Pure Essential Oil analgesics such as lavender, geranium, and helichrysum in a soothing jojoba base.





I am very excited to take Fusion into 2013. I have spent the last couple of weeks evaluating what I think we do well and more importantly what I think we can improve upon. I am looking at our business from 3 angles and making each of them the best program available.



One of my greatest joys is working with teenagers. Helping them prepare for athletics as well as find some self confidence. I am planning on leaving my position as a high school strength coach in February to be able to work more with individuals on a daily basis. Our tentative schedule will be Mon-Thur 3-4:45 and will welcome youth ages 8 and up.



Our Fusion Fire Class has and always will be our backbone. It is our version of Boot Camp and has had tremendous success. We are adding new class times (6:30 am and 5:00 pm). We will continue our normal sessions and also add in a WOD^ (workout of the day) that will be done in class that gives each client an opportunity to challenge themselves. It can also be scaled to be done at home if you cannot make it to the studio!

We are in the initial stages of starting a new program called Fusion Fit Kids. As the father of a rowdy 4 yr old I know the importance of allowing our kids to get the opportunity to expend some energy. I am teaming up with another great coach that home schools her son to create a program that can promote a fun disciplined exercise environment. We are looking to start with 2 days per week and the parent(s) can stay or leave to grocery shop, run errands, etc.

Hot Yoga and Zumba will continue to be offered throughout the week to encourage other disciplines of exercise. I think it is very important to offer a variety of options for all of our clients and am always open to class suggestions.




Nutrition and supplementation is an area that most people have trouble with a proper understanding of what they need. This is an area that we could all use a little more focus on. Feel free to ask questions regarding any diet advice via txt/email at any point in your day. Making informed decisions relating to what we put in our bodies is the missing link to better health! To give you guys a better idea of nutritional offerings that we are looking to bring into our studio they are as follows:

1) Expanding our line of supplements to be carried in the studio as well as can be ordered online

2) Monthly nutrition classes and “detox’ weekends

3) CSA (April-Oct) – We are looking to create a weekly vegetable box available for purchase from local farmers. This is a really great idea and I am very excited to offer this program to everyone.


Best of Health,
Yo Trainer