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This past week I had the chance to meet up with Tiffany Finney of Pour Me Some Juice. We talked about a number of topics including adoption, training, raw foods and of course JUICE! In less than a year she has put all of these together in her pursuit of international adoption and increasing awareness on the importance of quality nutrition. What started as a fundraiser to aid in adoption expenses, has turned into a booming business and Tiffany’s expertise as a Raw Food Chef is evident in her beautiful bottles of juice.

I am pretty sure most of my readers have heard of juicing, but most of us really don’t know what it entails… What’s so great about juicing? First of all, most of us struggle with getting in enough fruits and veggies. We eat plenty of food, but often are not getting foods that have a positive impact on our bodies. Juicing helps our bodies absorb  all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. Raw pressed juice can give your body such a large amount of nutrients in a single bottle that otherwise would be very difficult to get in whole foods alone based on sheer volume of food. Each bottle can contain several pounds of fruits and vegetables!

Nutrition is one thing, but how do they taste? I was given 4 eight ounce bottles of Juice and an Almond Milk and instructed to drink them within two days. The Citrus Zing (orange, pineapple,apple, carrot, lemon, lime) and Summer Licious (pineapple, orange, lemon) looked and sounded great right from the beginning. I LOVED both the Citrus Zing and Summer Licious!  Now, the Joy of Health (orange, carrot, cucumber, beet, apple, lemon, lime, celery, ginger) and Green Monster (kale, collard, apple, cucumber, lemon) and Almond Milk all looked awesome, but made me nervous because I have never liked these types of juices. Strictly for professional purposes I knew I had to at least taste them… And I am so glad I did! They were not only tolerable, they tasted fantastic! Hands down the best pressed juice that I have ever had.856216_4485567622028_224762875_o

Pour Me Some Juice has 11 variations of Juice and a 6 day Raw Food Detox Cleanse. With each bottle sold a portion of the proceeds go towards the help of orphans. Matthew 18:5



Product Review-Honey Stinger

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Product Reviews
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This past week I was fortunate enough to receive an awesome assortment of Honey Stinger products. My running schedule had been thrown off kilter lately due to bad weather and a case of the flu. So, when my package arrived I was excited to get better and try these products out. Over the past several days I had a chance to log an 8 mile tempo run, 7 mile easy run and an 8 mile interval run. I have always been a runner who needs a constant supply of fuel while I am out even for shorter distances. Never been a big fan of gels, so the Organic Stinger Waffles were a great option for me! They come in 4 flavors (lemon, vanilla, chocolate, honey) and I love the honey version. Who doesn’t love honey? It gave me a great energy boost around mile 5 of my tempo run and was easy to eat on the run. It will definitely be part of my nutritional plan for my upcoming Sea Side 1/2 Marathon. The other product that I was excited to try was the Caffeinated Lime -Ade Chews. I am a huge believer in the benefits of caffeine supplementation during endurance events and this product did not disappoint. Because of its added kick with the caffeine I think it is gonna replace my long standing go to energy bloks, especially for longer distances and races. I think all my endurance friends could benefit from giving these products a try. Looking forward to my upcoming ultra marathon season and plenty of Honey Stinger Waffles!


If I had to pick my absolute favorite piece of equipment in my studio there is no doubt that it would be The GRID. We use these foam rollers at the beginning of each session, during the session and to finish out each session. It’s no exaggeration for me to say how much I love this product! A couple years ago as my running interest increased I started experiencing some overuse injuries that really concerned me. After consulting with my Chiropractor the plan was to implement more stretching, more massages and daily hot baths to keep my lower back and glute muscles from getting overly tight. All of this worked to a point that I was able to continue running, but the daily pain was a reminder that I was still missing something.


It wasn’t until I heard of that I found what I needed to help keep me injury free. I started using The GRID over two years ago and have not gone a day without using it since. Just a couple minutes a day can mean a huge difference in chronic back pain and can reduce risk of injury before working out or running. Using The GRID has become my daily self massage and it travels everywhere with me.


I truly think that using The GRID can help anyone that suffers from lower back pain and is a must have for all of us gym goers and athletes!