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What is Combine360?

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Combine360, Under Armour, Video

Combine Training is an intense fitness discipline and training system based on the core elements of sport performance that challenges each individual to maximize their potential and enhance their athletic engine through Challenges and workouts rooted in movement, balance and strength.

Combine training exercises fall into four main categories within workouts: dynamic warm-up (DW), core-posture (CP), explosiveness-quickness (EQ) and resistance training (RT) within each category, there are also designations for specific sports, all sports or elite performance, dialing in the focus of each exercise in terms of balance, strength and movement.

Whether you are a competitor, athlete or youth, Combine360 has assessments and programs geared towards you to help you maximize your potential and get the results you want.

Competitors: When Training is your Sport – Competitive DNA is the cornerstone of Combine Training. When you’re ready to push past your perceived limits, enter the world of Combine Training.

Athletes: When Competition is your Sport – Your passion for the game drives your training. Get noticed with Combine360 and take your game to the next level with sport-specific exercise and workouts.

Youth: When Playing is your Sport – Combine Training provides a safe and inspiring program for all participants to learn from and develop into future athletes and Combine competitors. Combine Training provides trainers and parents with recommendations for games and play within their training programs.