Fusion Programs

At Fusion, we are proud of our current class offerings and are always looking for new classes to add to our schedule to keep things fresh and interesting!

Barre Fusion is a unique form of exercise that combines Pilates, yoga and ballet to sculpt your body and give you defined, lean muscles. This type of exercise requires focus and concentration, much like yoga, and will leave you feeling calm and clear-headed after each class. Duration: 45 minutes

Fusion Fundamentals is a high intensity, constantly varied, functional class where you will be taken through the workout of the day with our certified coach. Duration: 1 hour

Fusion HIIT is a high intensity interval training program that is designed towards each person’s skill level to condition their strength, endurance, balance and overall well-being. It is not uncommon for a HIIT workout to include kettle bells, TRX suspension trainers and battling ropes. This is for the individual with specific goals and enjoys being pushed in a small group format. Members can expect to be held accountable for their daily and weekly nutritional and cardiovascular work done outside of scheduled sessions. Duration: 1 hour

Hot Yoga is a Bikram inspired yoga in our heated studio. This type of yoga class will improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility and circulation while at the same time relieving your mind and body of stress through meditation and breath control. This is a great class for your overall well-being. Duration: 1 hour

Ignite 360 is sports performance training at its best! Ignite 360 is based in premier sport performance and was developed as a platform to help make all athletes better. We will design a fully customized workout for each athlete with innovative and advanced methods for each athlete’s specific needs. Duration: 1 hour

Insanity is the popular Beachbody workout using the max interval training method. You can expect to do long bursts of maximum intensity exercises incorporating cardio, plyometric drills, strength, power, resistance and core training with short periods of rest thrown in the mix. Be prepared to sweat and burn a ton of calories. Duration: 30 minutes

Mommy & Me is a stroller fitness program for moms with children ages 5 and under. This class is a great way for mom to get into great shape in an environment where you’ll be with other moms in a kid-friendly environment. Classes include power walking and jogging on our local greenway and strength training intervals using your stroller, bands and body weight exercises. Duration: 1 hour


  1. Mo Lawson says:

    I have a question about your Bikram inspired classes. Will they be the the 26 type of class, a flow style or combo? Also, for the ‘hotness’, what type of heat is it and will there also be the humidity aspect like at a traditional Bikram studio? I am a yoga teacher in this area and would be thrilled not to have to go downtown or to Franklin to get my hot yoga fix.

    • shaundaugherty says:

      This is a 1 hour 26 pose class. We currently heat the room to about 90-95 and do not use humidity. We are in the process of building our new workout studio. We offer a variety of types of workout classes at Fusion. I would love to have you in for a free class. I am always looking for top local talent if you are looking for a place to practice.

  2. amy says:

    I’d like to review your class schedule but prefer not to have to provide so much personal information to do so. Can you make it available another way?

    • shaundaugherty says:

      You can review the schedule without signing in. After you have clicked on the calendar icon on our webpage, it will take you our MindBody portal. Simply click the “Classes” tab at the top (it will look like it is already selected, but it isn’t), and it will take you right to the schedule without having to sign in. Thanks for checking us out!

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