Ignite360 Sports Training

When COMPETITION IS YOUR SPORT, you are making a commitment to yourself, and your trainer to accomplish future gains based on specific objectives. This relationship is based on maximizing results, measuring output (combine training rating: “CTR’s”), tracking progress, and achieving individual / team goals.

Ignite 360 is based in premier sport performance and was developed as a platform to help make all athletes better. Trainers can design fully customizable workouts for each athlete with innovative and advanced methods for each athlete’s specific needs.

Ignite 360 training exercises fall into four main categories within workouts: dynamic warm-up (DW), core-posture (CP), explosiveness-quickness (EQ) and resistance training (RT) within each category, there are also designations for specific sports, all sports or elite performance, dialing in the focus of each exercise in terms of balance, strength and movement.

Through open-architecture while being cohesive and adaptable, Ignite 360 training will train the skill sets required to help athletes be at their best when their best is needed.

When PLAYING IS YOUR SPORT, Ignite 360 provides a youth assessment designed to evaluate reaction, coordination, strength, flexibility and movement in a fun and comprehensive manner. The 6 tests of the youth assessment will provide parents, coaches and trainers with measurements that will structure Ignite 360 Training games, challenges and workouts that help the youth athlete develop into the competitor they aspire to be. For ages 8 – 13.



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